Sasha Kurmaz

Sasha Kurmaz was born in 1986 in Kyiv. In 2005 he graduated from Kyiv Electromechanical College with a degree in Communication Engineering, in 2008 –– Design Program in the National Academy of Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts. In 2015 he was awarded the C/O Berlin Talent Award. Twice, he was a finalist of PinchukArtPrize (in 2013 and 2017) and in 2020 he got the Kazimir Malevich Art Award, also taking part in a number of personal and group exhibitions in Germany, Austria, and France. Sasha took part in the BIG Biennale festival in Switzerland (2019), the festival of photography in Sopot, Poland (2019), and others. The information about his works is included in such well-known international issues as Vice, Krytyka Polityczna, Liberation, FOAM, Rolling Stones, Die ZEIT. He works with the themes of interaction between public space and social groups and explores the changing relationship between human beings and the modern world. Using the media of photography, video, public intervention, and performative situations in his practice. Lives and works in Kyiv.

Personal exhibitions:

2021 When Fear Becomes A Friend, The Naked Room gallery, Kyiv
2021 Arguments, Edmund Felson gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2018 Afterparty, Chech gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
2017 The Exhibitionist, Edmund Felson gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2016 The Marble Angels With Bows Were Shaking In Shadows Their Small Penises, Bending Their Bows And Carelessly Laughed At Death, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv
2016 Method, C/O Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
2016 I See the Things, Exp12, Berlin, Germany.
2015 Undreamed, UV21 gallery, Warsaw, Poland.
2015 My World Is Not Real Enough For An Apocalypse, Detenpyla gallery, Lviv, Ukraine
2015 Vain Youth, Triangle gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 Zaraz Wracam, Nova gallery, Krakow, Poland
2010 Talking Walls, Viuro gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Group exhibitions:

2021 Artsvit Gallery. Project: «Я під'їжджала до мiста, якого ще не знала». Dnipro, Ukraine
2021 Galeria Arsenał. Project: "Na początku był czyn!". Białystok, Poland
2021 Mystetskyi Arsenal. Project: "Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian photography". Kyiv
2021 YARAT. Project: "Last flowers of the 20th century: Generation Y". Baku, Azerbaijan
2021 PinchukArtCentre. Project: "Remember Yesterday". Kyiv
2020 Dora Ostrovsky gallery. Project: "Vertigo Time". Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2020 Galería Santa Fe. Project: "Escaleras Futuras". Bogotá, Colombia
2020 National Center for Contemporary Arts. Project: «Алфавіт вайны». Minsk, Belarus
2019 Klaipeda Culture Communication Center. Project: "LOVE, LUST & FURY", Klaipėda, Lithuania
2019 Latvian Museum of Photography. Project: “The Body of Propaganda”. Riga, Latvia
2019 U10. Project: "Church of Ego". Belgrade, Serbia
2019 Semperdepot. Project: "Between Fire and Fire: Ukrainian Art Now". Vienna, Austria
2019 PinchukArtCentre. Project: "Crossing Lines". Kyiv
2019 Mystetskyi Arsenal. Project: "Obabich". Kyiv
2018 Oxyd. Project: “Flip A Coin”. Winterthur, Switzerland
2018 Mystetskyi Arsenal. Project: “REVOLUTIONIZE!”. Kyiv
2018 Bursa gallery. Project: “One Copy Book”. Kyiv
2018 PinchukArtCentre. Project: "Chronicle of Current Events", Kyiv
2017 Galeria Arsenał. Project: "Central by East Central", Białystok, Poland
2017 Galerie Folia. Project: "Tools of Resistance", Paris, France
2017 Electromuseum. Project: «Искусство и город: Граффити в эпоху интернета». Moscow, Russia
2017 Aff Galerie. Project: Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Berlin, Germany
2017 Czech Center. Project: "Baby, I Like It Raw", NYC,US
2017 NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. Project: "Perfect Storm", Düsseldorf, Germany
2017 Yermilov center. Project: "Tyr shch uk yc zhzhi ph", Kharkiv, Ukraine
2016 Skovde Art Museum. Project: "Between Revolution and War", Skövde, Sweden
2016 Gallery Awangarda BWA Wrocław. Project Dependence Degree, Wrocław, Poland
2016 Galeria da Boavista. Project Aujourd’hui je dis oui, Lisbon, Portugal
2016 Kunsthalle Exnergasse WUK. Project Into the Dark, Vienna, Austria
2016 Despacio. Project No One Belongs Here More Than You, San José, Costa Rica
2015 Saatchi gallery. Project: "UK/raine", London, UK
2015 Traces of Memory, Port Creative Hub, Kyiv
2014 Through Maidan and Beyond, Architekturzentrum, Vienna, Austria
2014 Foam Talent, l'Atelier Néerlandais, Paris, France
2014 Zahoplennya, IZOLYATSIA foundation, Kyiv
2014 After The Victory, Yermilov center, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2014 I Am Drop In The Ocean, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
2014 Protest!, Periscope project space, Salzburg, Austria
2013 Global Activism, ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe, Germany
2013 Ukraine: Expropriation, Grinberg Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2013 Cooperation Territory, 16th LINE Gallery, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
2013 BLOG RE-BLOG, Signal Gallery, NY, USA
2013 Ukrainian News, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
2013 Environment For Living, Bottega gallery, Kyiv
2013 The System Of Coordinates, Yermilov center, Kharkiv, Ukraine
2013 Peculiar Poetics, Design Cloud, LLC, Chicago, USA
2012 Eternity ll, Gallery RA, Kyiv
2012 Santorini Biennale of Arts, Santorini, Greece
2012 Partly Cloudy, IZOLYATSIA foundation, Donetsk, Ukraine
2012 FRUIT SALAD, GOOD PRESS Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
2012 Love Ukraine, Lavra gallery, Kyiv
2012 NEW RESEARCH, MOPLA, Los Angeles, USA
2012 Catch A Glimpse Of Me, W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012 Batholomew, Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm, Sweden
2012 Ukrainian Body, VCRC as NaUKMA, Kyiv
2011 Bits + Pieces, Artitude Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany
2011 The Frenzied Urge To Struggle, Paperworks gallery, Moscow, Russia
2011 Newspeak, Mystetskyi Arsenal Mala gallery, Kyiv
2011 BARTHOLOMEW, Gallery 12 Mail, Paris, France
2011 Environment For Living, Bottega gallery, Kyiv
2011 Indian Summer, Fluxx Gallery, Des Moines, USA
2011 EXPLORATION OF THE SETTING, Bruciecollections gallery, Kyiv
2011 Muhi 2011, Bottega gallery, Kyiv
2010 GERM FREE ADOLESCENTS, Radio gallery, Milan, Italy
2010 RECUSANSY, Bottega gallery, Kyiv
2010 Conection, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv
2010 THOSE WHO CAME IN 2000’S, M17 Art centre, Kyiv
2010 Graffiti Paradise, Eglise Saint-André, Liege, Belgium
2009 Should The World Break In, Bereznitska & Partner Gallery, Kyiv
2008 KIEV DANDYS «С корабля на бал», Globus gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2008 Strange But Cool, KyivFineArt gallery, Kyiv
2008 New Ukrainian Language, Karas gallery, Kyiv
2006 Graffiti in Focus, Centre for contemporary art at NaUKMA, Kyiv

, Sasha Kurmaz
61X41 СМ, А/Р
700 EUR
, Sasha Kurmaz
47X32 CM, EDITION 2/5
450 EUR
, Sasha Kurmaz
61X41 CM, А/Р
700 EUR
, Sasha Kurmaz
61X41 CM, А/Р
700 EUR
, Sasha Kurmaz
45,5X31 CM, EDITION 1/5
450 EUR
, Sasha Kurmaz
30X20 CM, А/Р
450 EUR